Starting July 2013, we re-certified our integrated management system by TÜV Rheinland, aknowledging our ceaseless concern for our customers,  caring for the environment and taking good care of our employees:

Customer satisfaction plays a key role in our strategy. We continuously update our policies to ensure the trust of both our product-users and business partners.

Our care for the environment and concern over our carbon footprint have always been strongly considered and are now carefully regulated according to the highest standards.

We believe that a safe, healthy and well-organized workplace is a key factor to any company’s success, and this certification ensures that we take good care of providing a growing work environment for our employees.
We strive to manage the company and build our name on integrity and transparency.

The Kitemark is a product or service certification mark that shows
it has been tested independently and audited to ensure it meets
the appropriate standards of quality and safety.

It is a registered trademark of BSI, The British Standards Institution.
The Kitemark stands for quality and safety. If a product or service carries a Kitemark you will know that it, along with its components has been independently tested, audited on a regular basis and that it will perform to that consistent quality every time.

The Kitemark is recognised by 82% of the UK adult population.
It is recognised by 78% of 18-24 year olds.Of those that are aware of the Kitemark:

TRUST: 88% have more trust in Kitemark products
PURCHASE INTENTION: 80% say they will buy Kitemark products in the future
ADVOCACY: 73% are more willing to recommend a Kitemark product
PRICE PREMIUM: 69% are willing to spend more on Kitemark products
REPUTATION: 88% believe a Kitemark product comes from a reputable company
CHOICE: 75% believe that the presence of a Kitemark makes it easier to choose a product
SAFETY: 93% believe that a Kitemark product is safer
REASSURANCE: 89% state that they can trust a Kitemark product more than others
QUALITY: 91% say that the Kitemark gives them a reassurance of quality
HONESTY: 83% state that the Kitemark is honest and genuine
INTELLIGENCE: 77% believe the Kitemark shows they have purchased intelligently

*Source: GfK NOP Consumer Survey – July 2006



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