Primatech released PREVENT[d]!

It is a very important moment in Primatech’s history. It is a moment of joy and another step ahead from a technological point of view. It is an event that, once more, confirms Primatech is a leader in the gas detection industry. An innovation so big as PREVENT[d] will revolutionize in a positive way the industry.

prevent d pdfThe innovation consists in the dual detection technology implemented in this detector. PREVENT[d] detects the two most common gases that could occur in a confined space, methane gas and carbon monoxide. Methane gas is very dangerous and can cause extensive damage in the presence of an ignition source, and carbon monoxide is lethal, leading to death after a very short exposure to a concentration of only 0.16%; at the same time, carbon monoxide is undetectable by the human senses. This makes it extremely dangerous.

The basis of the dual detection technology, as in the other PREVENT certified detectors, is a microcontroller that analyzes all the sensors reactions to the environment and triggers the alarm only when it’s necessary. This way, it avoids the false alarms that everyone finds unpleasant. In this case, the microcontroller has to analyze two sensors, at the same time, and it does it rigorously. 2015-09-15 10-43-15Primatech’s experience in this field, combined with state of the art detection elements, made it possible for PREVENT[d] to pass all the most exigent tests imposed by the European standards. This brought PREVENT[d] the certification in accordance with both standards: BS EN 50194:2009 and BS EN 50291:2010. In fact, PREVENT[d] is the only dual detector that is certified to both these European standards. This announcement was also released worldwide by the international leader in sensors manufacturing.

Methane gas and carbon monoxide detection can save lives. Anyone can install a PREVENT[m] methane gas detector together with a PREVENT[c] carbon monoxide detector, but it is more convenient to have only one detector that incorporates both. It saves space, it saves resources,  an economy from all points of view.

PREVENT[d] is designed to meet the needs of our customers and the needs of the end users which, with only one single device, have protection from both types of gas.

In conclusion, PREVENT[d] brings a multitude of benefits to all those that have on their minds the safety of their own lives and the lives of the people around them. There is nothing more precious than being certain that you have protected everything that matters to you.

Discover PREVENT[d]! Provide safety!


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