Primatech is the only Romanian importer of Elektrogas solenoid valves

The gas detectors manufactured by Primatech are made to offer the safety that every home needs. But, for complete safety even when you are not home to hear the alarm going off when gas leaks are being detected, the solution is to connect a solenoid valve in the gas circuit, which will receive an electric signal when the alarm goes off and will shut off the gas flow.

With this in mind, we decided to offer our clients, also, full safety systems. So we searched for a very good quality solenoid valves manufacturer, that can match the gas detectors’ quality.

solenoid valves

After a long search, we finally found Elettromeccanica DELTA, which has been supplying us with best quality solenoid valves for over 10 years, in all types and sizes that our customers need.

This partnership was completed with an exclusivity contract for the Romanian market, and so, Primatech became the only Romanian importer of Elektrogas solenoid valves produced by Elettromeccanica DELTA.

The solenoid valves are not only a way to complete safety, but also a proof of our devotion to the purpose of bringing safety in all Romanian homes. In the near future, we will launch a website dedicated to the entire Elektrogas range available in Romania.


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