Primatech announces free shipping on orders for safety systems that include solenoid valves with 2″ to 12″ connections

When it comes to the services we offer our customers, we want them to know that we are doing everything that is possible to provide them with specialized support according to their needs.

Now, in full season, when our customers’ sales increase we are bringing them another service to help them. We offer FREE shipping for all orders that include safety systems with solenoid valves with 2” to 12” connections.

Given the significant mass and considerable dimensions of solenoid valves that have large sizes the shipping costs can be high. We want this aspect not to represent a problem for our customers which is why we decided to support this additional cost.

Primatech is a gas detectors manufacturer and to complete the safety systems we chose solenoid valves that offer the same safety and make the best pair with our detectors. Therefore, we chose a manufacturer with tradition which we knew will respond positively to all challenges. Please watch the short video presentation below:

It is important to mention that this offer is valid until the end of the year, including orders made on 31 December 2015. Even if it seems long enough until then it is important to think about this advantage we offer and take action. Time goes by faster than we think.

We have nothing left to say to our customers other than to take advantage of the discount and supplement their stocks, try to serve a greater number of customers, be it for larger buildings, more demanding and complex installations which require solenoid valves with these large connections, paired with methane gas detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and dual detectors.

For us quality and safety means everything. For you?

This offer is available only in Romania.


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