History of the PREVENT [m] methane gas detector

Together with the launch of the certified dual detector PREVENT [d] several special events in the history of our company also took place. One of these is the rebranding of one of our methane gas detectors. .

The detector which had its name changed and its appearance partially changed is PREVENT 2000M.

methane gas detector prevent[m]We reached the conclusion that PREVENT 2000M is a name too complicated, too hard and too long to remember. The PREVENT range is addressed to everyone and the detectors are easy to install so the name should be very easy to remember. The name of the detectors must be remembered at first glance and the connection with the manufacturer Primatech should be easily made.

To “PREVENT” is exactly the purpose of these detectors, to “PREVENT” any disaster that can occur as a result of a gas leak. As for the new name, PREVENT [m], everything is much simpler. The letter “m” represents the initial letter of the gas it detects, the methane gas. Therefore, the purpose of the PREVENT[m] detector is to prevent methane gas leaks. It detects any methane gas leak and triggers an alarm alerting the occupants of the room that there is a methane gas leak, so they know that they are at risk and to take the necessary measures to avoid a disaster.

To avoid any human error a solenoid valve can be installed on the gas pipe. When triggered, it will shut off the gas supply at the entrance into the living space. More about this in a future article.

What you find on this website is the new version of the detector and a lot of technical details about it. About PREVENT 2000M you can find detailed information on, another Primatech website.
We must inform you that the PREVENT 2000M detector is still manufactured, until it will be completely substituted to the new rebranded detector.


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