We are talking a lot about life-time and warranty, and we want everybody to understand the difference between them. Surely you know what warranty is. This is the thing that guarantees you that for a period of time, in our case 2 years (24 months), the device will work without any problems. And if, still it happens, the problems will be resolved without any costs.

On the other hand, life-time refers to a period of time in which the manufacturer consider that is safe to use the device. In the case of Primatech detectors, life-time matters very much, because every person have to know they are safe. The life-time of detectors is determined by the life-time of the sensor, and is a precaution that can guarantee the safety of the persons that use it.

Therefor, the Primatech detectors have life-time periods, depending on the detected gas. So, for a methane gas detector we will have a 5 years life-time, and for a carbon monoxide detector there will be a 7 years life-time.

Of course, you will ask: ”What about the combination detectors (methane gas and carbon monoxide)?”. The answer is simple. This detector model containing a methane gas sensor and a carbon monoxide sensor, the detector’s life-time will be determined by the shorter life-time sensor. We can not risk the methane gas safety, just because inside there is another sensor that can last longer.

Besides, there are other factors that can influence the life-time of a detector. That is why, for the PREVENT[m] detectors certified at the BS EN 50194-1:2009 standard, and the PREVENT[d] detectors have a 10 years life-time, under the condition that the sensors will be replaced after 5 years. (This replacement can only be made at our factory, and it can not be performed by anyone else.) All the uncertified detectors have a 5 year life-time. The carbon monoxide detectors have a 7 year life-time.

So, all Primatech detectors installed until April 2011 should already be replaced with new ones.

All this aspects are clearly mentioned in the user’s manual of each detector. And we are reminding you again to always have in mind the importance of this aspect. Everything we do is for your safety.