Obtaining the gold medal from EcoVadis represents a global recognition and a culmination of all our efforts as a team, of investments in innovation and strategic business implementation. The evaluation of EcoVadis meant a holistic analysis of the company and its activity. We are rewarded for our approach in the management of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), for our sustainability performance, considering four main pillars, as follows:

  • Environment (Environmental policy, reduction of resource consumption, selective collection, recycling, low impact on the environment through the products and safety solutions promoted);
  • Labor and human rights (Social policy, health and safety at work, social dialogue, benefits, training of employees, vocational training, recruitment policy);
  • Ethics (Code of conduct, ISO certifications, GDPR);
  • Sustainable procurement (Evaluation and selection of suppliers according to sustainable principles).

These evaluation pillars are also extremely representative of the way the Primatech brand was built, respect for the team, the environment, our partners and safety for each customer being part of the company's DNA.


EcoVadis is an independent, reliable and collaborative platform - evaluating companies policies and actions, as well as their public reports on the environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. The unique method of evaluating CSR activities used by EcoVadis covers over 200 procurement categories in 160 countries. Over 65,000 companies work with EcoVadis to reduce risk, drive innovation and build transparency and trust between business partners.