With the launch of the new methane and carbon monoxide detector certified to the newest two European standards (BS EN 50194-1: 2009 and BS EN 50291-1: 2010), PREVENT [d], Primatech has decided to offer not only a safer gas detector, but also a safer gas equipment. So we put together with our detector solenoid valves that we trust just as much.

All sizes of Elektrogas solenoid valves , together with the PREVENT [d] detector, form the PREVENT [d] s equipment, which, when the calibrated concentration is detected, activates the solenoid valve. This avoids disaster, even when the detector is unattended. The detector and the solenoid valve make a perfect team, which can prevent real disasters.

Even when the damage is only material in nature, it is felt by the owners, regardless of their magnitude. Therefore, it would be good for everyone to resort to such additional security. All the more so when it comes to protecting human lives.

There are three reasons why this safety device, PREVENT [d]s, is a complete gas safety system.

  1.  By detecting methane gas, it warns when the level of gas leaks reaches the concentration of 8% of the LIE (lower explosion limit).
  2.  By detecting carbon monoxide, it warns by visual and audible alarm before the accumulation of a dangerous concentration of carbon monoxide, a threshold above which human life can be endangered, even if it is a short period of exposure.
  3.  By connecting to the solenoid valve required for each gas installation, it avoids the accumulation of gas in an enclosed space and, implicitly, a possible explosion.

PREVENT [d]s is a complete and complex safety system that should exist in every home. For everyone's safety. Primatech makes them available to all those who value personal safety and the safety of those around them.