If we want the rebranding list to be over, it also had to be rebranded the carbon monoxide detector. PREVENT 2000C is the previous version of the carbon monoxide, which has raised the bar on the carbon monoxide detector market.

We will start with some information about the carbon monoxide which, as written in the FAQ section, is very dangerous, because it can’t be detected by the human senses. This brought him the name “The silent killer”. Besides the symptoms that are caused by even a short time of exposure to a high enough concentration of carbon monoxide, nothing gives it away. This gas has no smell, no colour and no taste. Despite this, it is lethal. That is why we need performant devices for detecting the carbon monoxide, before it starts to do harm.

Maby you are wondering what could be the source of carbon monoxide and who could release such a lethal gas? The answer is simple. Nobody wants to release a dangerous gas, but it is produced by all the things running on the burning of fossil fuel process. The most known fossil fuels are: methane gas, coal, gasoline, petrol, wood, etc..

If we think it through, in every one of our houses this lethal gas is produced, but in small quantities, which are somehow evacuated. But accidents happen, and we can’t be too carefull. This way, a device that detects carbon monoxide is very welcome in every home.

Coming back to the rebranding event of the most known carbon monoxide detector produced by Primatech, we announce you that from now on, it won’t be known as PREVENT 2000C, but as PREVENT[c]. As before, this detector is certified at the latest european standard in the field: BS EN 50291-1:2010; by the British Standards Institution, certification for which the institution makes long performance and reliability tests.

As it did until now, the carbon monoxide detector PREVENT[c], benefits of a 2 year guarantee, in which time it can be fixed or replaced, depending to the needs, only in our factory, in Baia Mare. The lifespan we recommend is of 7 years from the day it is installed, and after that, the device should be replaced with a new one.

This being sad, strongly consider installing a carbon monoxide detector, for saving your life and of the ones close to you. Choose the best solution: PREVENT[c]!