Primatech innovates, designs and manufactures detectors that mainly prevent two types of risk scenarios: explosions caused by methane gas leaks and asphyxiation with carbon monoxide. Methane gas detectors bear the symbol [m], and those for carbon monoxide can be identified by the symbol [c]. Some of our products are designed to detect both types of risks - these are dual detectors, easily recognizable by the name [d].

For two decades we have been developing safe and stable solutions for methane gas detection - now is the time to take everything to the next level.

Thus, we have added new stakes for the detection system of the future: to be even easier to install, wirelessly on the walls, scalable, flexible and configurable. A WIRELESS system designed from the start for scalability and IoT. But most importantly, a more secure system.

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In addition, Primatech develops solutions for detecting floods or earthquakes, allocating special ranges to these types of risks. For details and the complete offer, you can contact us by phone, by email or using the form on the site.