Discount campaign for portable detectors!

On November 1 Primatech started a campaign in which all those who qualify will obtain discounts for portable gas detectors. The biggest advantage is that each customer decides how large the discount will be. How so? Simple.


The number of PREVENT[m]s systems that include safety solenoid valves with sizes between 1 1/2” and 12” purchased until the end of this year is equivalent with the discount percentage for one of the following three portable gas detectors: gasID, Leakator 10 or Leakator Junior from Bacharach.


Campaign period:

The campaign is active from 1 November 2015 to 31 December 2015.

All participants can claim their accumulated discount until 31 January 2016.


Campaign mechanism:

  1. Customers order PREVENT[m]s safety systems which include safety solenoid valves with sizes between 1 1/2” and 12”.
  2. For every order of these type of safety systems please specify the promotional code MSPORT to be easily registered in the campaign.
  3. For each safety system which has the above mentioned characteristics ordered, the customer receives 1% discount from the price of a portable gas detector of choice out of the three models mentioned above.
  4. Discount percentages will be accumulated throughout the campaign period regardless of the number of orders placed.
  5. Customers may claim their accumulated discount to date provided that the orders placed have been paid.
  6. The customers who accumulate 100 discount points will receive for free any of the three portable detectors.
  7. A customer can receive an unlimited number of discount sessions, depending on the availability in stock.


It is very important to carefully read the campaign mechanism as not to miss any of the aspects you should consider so that you can take advantage of this opportunity.


Good luck to all of you!


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