Corporate Vision


We set out to:
Protect as many lives as possible from the dangers
associated with gas, through technology
you can always count on.

We want to:
Have a certified gas detector in each room
where gas related accidents might occur,
watching over everyone’s safety and well-being.



Safety is paramount in our ethic – to us, “solution” means complete protection at any given time. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Each gas detector is rigurously calibrated and tested in actual methane/carbon monoxide environments.
Our production lines are monitored by unbiased international certification laboratories. This means that our products work perfectly every single time, saving countless lives when gas leaks occur.


Primatech has been innovating gas detection for 15 years. Safety is both our core business and passion.
Our recipe for success is highly trained and passionate personnel engineering and manufacturing gas detectors that comply and even exceed the strictest safety standards.


We focus on being the best, not necessarily the biggest.

This is why our customer support is praised by our partners as a fast and effective service.
Each detector we manufacture has a unique serial number and can be identified thanks to our special traceability program. Our services also include post-warranty for our partners and customer loyalty programs.