We received the TUV Rheinland certification to the new ISO standards

It’s hard to make someone believe that your products are high quality and you treat your clients the best way you can. That’s why we asked specialists to tell us if we are doing everything as we should. An objective opinion, with credentials, from outside, is always welcome. This happened for the first time in […]

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What does “life-time” mean for a device?

We are talking a lot about life-time and warranty, and we want everybody to understand the difference between them. Surely you know what warranty is. This is the thing that guarantees you that for a period of time, in our case 2 years (24 months), the device will work without any problems. And if, still […]

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Discover the new carbon monoxide detector, PREVENT[c]

If we want the rebranding list to be over, it also had to be rebranded the carbon monoxide detector. PREVENT 2000C is the previous version of the carbon monoxide, which has raised the bar on the carbon monoxide detector market. We will start with some information about the carbon monoxide which, as written in the […]

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How much does it cost?

Probably, many of you wonder why there are no prices shown for our products on this site. We understand that is frustrating not to find anything about pricing.   Well, there are some answers for this question.   First, you have to keep in mind that Primatech is a manufacturer. This means that we are […]

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History of the PREVENT [m] methane gas detector

Together with the launch of the certified dual detector PREVENT [d] several special events in the history of our company also took place. One of these is the rebranding of one of our methane gas detectors. . The detector which had its name changed and its appearance partially changed is PREVENT 2000M. We reached the […]

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