At the heart of our business is the safety of end users.

We adhere to the strictest testing standards and supplement the rules imposed on our products for increased safety, taking into account factors adjacent to the products themselves.

This chain includes:

  • SENSORS Primatech used in detectors, from the top range of global industry leaders;
  • DIGITAL CALIBRATION through its own innovative technology. Each sensor sets its own alarm threshold at predetermined gas concentrations, through a machine learning process;
  • ASSEMBLY and TESTING according to certified standards certifications made by made by independent international bodies;
  • PACKAGING in well-controlled conditions and using materials that do not affect the performance of detectors during long-term storage;
  • INSTALLATION exactly following the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations, using a network of authorized installers with whom we are in dialogue;
  • USE HOME in good condition, providing information and technical support.

In the case of Primatech detectors, we want to make sure that this chain is fully met.

Because we wanted to be one step ahead of customer requirements and because we wanted to have an exchange of experience, practice and development, we decided to partner with the best players in our industry globally. It is extremely important for us to be close to other manufacturers and experts who focus on the most important topics on the agenda of the detection and security industry. That's why we chose to be CoGDEM members and certified all PREVENT products with the Kitemark logo. Learn more about Primatech certifications and partnerships on the dedicated page .



We develop an environmentally friendly ecosystem, both within the company and in the production chain.

Primatech is one of the top 3% globally sustainable companies in the industry in which it operates, according to EcoVadis, earning the Gold Medal for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

CARE FOR THE LOCAL ECONOMY - each detector is produced, assembled, tested and packaged in Baia Mare Romania, and the transport process of the key components is carefully optimized;

TRACEABILITY - each detector produced by Primatech has a unique series that allows it to be identified years after production, which facilitates post-warranty services, continuous minimization of errors and data collection to improve production quality. This care for the life cycle of the product is an important component of our responsibility to our customers and the environment;

LONG RELIABILITY - our dedication to product quality and longevity ensures minimal environmental impact by minimizing waste from single or short-term products;

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MATERIALS - the packaging used is environmentally friendly, we are looking to use recycled or recyclable materials;

WE SELECTIVELY COLLECT and use sustainably each of the resources needed for production and research.

SUSTAINABLE PROCUREMENT – We analyze and select suppliers for quality, safety and responsible production.

More information on social responsibility and environmental policies in the EcoVadis report .



We are investing in the future: our mission is not just to sell detectors and not just to produce them: Primatech is constantly researching and innovating.

Since 1999, we have relied on an engine of innovation and performance. That's why we are constantly launching new products, optimizing and improving the developed security solutions.

These innovations do not happen in a vacuum: our products are tested and certified by international regulators.

The way the sensors are digitally and individually calibrated, the software tested diligently and the product design designed to withstand and perform reliably in adverse environmental factors, are steps that Primatech has taken over its 22 years of excellence in domain.

From one model to another, Primatech detectors have evolved, each generation performing better and more robust than the previous one - before reaching customers, however, the products go through the rigors of testing. The innovation we believe in is based on experience and stability, so every step taken was a sure and assumed one.

In 2021, we introduced the first wireless methane gas detection system in our portfolio of solutions. "AirMesh" is the result of extensive research and testing, becoming available only once we have made sure that it meets the highest safety criteria.

We invite you to read about how AirMesh innovates wireless detection in the dedicated article.

You can also discover the most important moments in the evolution of the company by following the page " History " .