At the heart of our business is the safety of end users.

We adhere to the strictest testing standards and supplement the rules imposed on our products for increased safety, taking into account factors adjacent to the products themselves.

We develop an environmentally friendly ecosystem, both within the company and in the production chain. Primatech is one of the top 3% globally sustainable companies in the industry in which it operates, according to EcoVadis, earning the Gold Medal for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We invest in the future: our mission is not only to sell detectors but also to produce them.

Since 1999, Primatech has been based on an engine of innovation and performance.

Solutions and products

Primatech's range of premium detectors - PREVENT - has been designed from the ground up to meet the highest industry standards. PREVENT products are certified by BSI - British Standards Institute and have the Kitemark logo - an internationally recognized mark of quality and reliability. (More details on Primatech certifications can be found here ).

Prevent brings together our set of globally certified solutions to all problems caused by methane gas and carbon monoxide.

The Secor range brings together our products validated on the local market in Romania, known and used by hundreds of thousands of customers in construction and civil and industrial projects. The proven quality of the products currently gathered under the Secor brand has passed the test of time, ranking in the top of the preferences of regional consumers. The range includes both methane gas detectors and a dual solution for methane gas and carbon monoxide.

To meet the needs of the market, we have created an affordable range of methane gas detectors. Equipped with the same primatech qualities and performance, detectors Prefer and Prefer Plus are the simple and reliable solution for projects with competitive budgets.

For two decades we have been developing safe and stable solutions for methane gas detection - now is the time to take everything to the next level.

A WIRELESS system designed from the start for scalability and IoT. But most importantly, a more secure system.

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